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Freedom Parade & Festival

The return of the Freedom Festival and Parade was a welcome sight in the Delaware Juneteenth Association’s 2022 year of celebrations. It was an amazing compilation of local dance groups, drum corps, floats and elected officials parading in Wilmington’s community. The parade proceeded down King street with people sitting in chairs and standing, waving and greeting us.

It culminated at Tubman-Garrett Park, which is where the Freedom Festival began over 25 years ago. Parade participants were given free food and drinks. From little babies in strollers to seniors, they enjoyed vendors, food, rides and entertainment, just like in the days of our ancestors. Brenda Gunter and committee just picked up where they left off years ago, demonstrating their amazing organizing talents. It was a celebration to remember and behold.

Click on the button(s) below, if you or your organization is interested in participating in the freedom parade and/or the festival.

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