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Promise Rings For Couples: everything you need to know about it to pick it

Welcome to our complete guide to Promise rings! If you are getting ready to mark this important moment in your life as couples, you've come to the right spot. In this article, we will provide you with the most important information you need to pick the ideal Promise ring that will symbolize your commitment and your love.

The Civil Solidarity Pact in a few simple words

The Civil Solidarity Pact, more often referred to as the acronym PACS permits two people to formalize their union before the law in France. It was first introduced in 1999. PACS offers a legal framework to couples wishing to commit without the restrictions of marriage. This form of union, recognized by the State, symbolizes the serious commitment between two individuals. Some people associate it with the desire to mark this important moment in the life of a couple with an exchange of jewelry, thus sealing their love and mutual commitment.

Our article will answer all your questions, and guide you in choosing the right jewelry for this special event, a symbol that represents the bond of love between a couple.

Do you require rings for a civil partnership?

Officially, PACS is not accompanied with a jewelry exchange as opposed to marriage or engagement. However, over time it has become a tradition, giving couples the freedom to decide if they would like to commemorate this important milestone in their lives by presenting some kind of piece of jewelry. The rings are chosen to symbolize the vow and also to remember other significant moments in the couple's lives such as their engagement or marriage. There are no rules that must be adhered to. Every couple is free to be a part of their wedding celebration in the way they prefer.

What's the purpose of a ring for civil partnership?

The exchange of rings in an civil partnership can have significant significance for a lot of couples. It is a symbol of love that signifies a significant milestone in their lives together. Rings, as jewelry worn every day, become witnesses of this commitment. They remind couples of their love and commitment to each other. A Promise ring is more than an ornament. It's a long-lasting memory of the love and dedication between couples. Selecting a Promise ring with care is therefore a precious way to commemorate this union and make it memorable.

Promise ring: Which finger to wear it?

There aren't any rules to be adhered to when wearing a Promise Ring. In fact, everyone is free to pick the finger that is most suitable for them. The majority of couples pick the ring finger, which is located on the left hand. This is the finger that is traditionally used for wedding rings. This symbolizes the commitment of the couple and creates a subtle connection between these two significant moments in a couple's life. There isn't any right or wrong way to wear your Promise ring. No matter where it is placed, the main thing is to remind you of your love and commitment to your partner.

What is the best ring for the civil partnership?

When it comes down to picking the perfect ring to celebrate your civil marriage, you have several options to think about. Each ring has its own significance and can reflect your individual style and the love you have to each other. Use our guides and tips to help you select the ideal Promise Ring for your mutual engagement.

Engagement ring inspiration A solitaire ring to announce a forthcoming wedding

When we think of the idea of a Promise ring, the solitaire ring is a very popular choice. Inspired by engagement rings it is a beautiful and symbolic way to show your commitment. Traditionally, the solitaire ring is usually associated with a wedding band and an upcoming wedding. Nowadays there are many couples who choose the solitaire ring for their PACS. It's a prelude towards their marriage.

Solitaire rings are a timeless classic. Solitaire rings are usually made up of a single stone typically a diamond. They can be set on white, yellow or rose gold rings. Their simplicity lends them an elegant look that can be adapted to all styles. You can pick a classic solitaire or choose an alternative that is more contemporary with a classic setting.

Solitaire rings come in a variety of formats, including yellow gold, white gold and even pink gold. Solitaires can be set with or not.

A wedding ring can be an excellent option if you want to make sure you seal your PACS in an elegant and timeless manner. Wedding rings are traditionally associated with marriages, they are increasingly utilized by couples who decide to opt for a PACS without considering a greater step. Wedding rings are a symbol of union, loyalty and love that will never end. They are the ideal choice for such an important moment in your relationship.

The reason wedding rings are so popular with PACS is their practicality and durability. The rings are designed to be worn every day they are composed of precious metals, like yellow gold white gold, rose gold or platinum which makes them suitable for everyday wear. Wedding rings can either be simple and elegant, or embellished with sophisticated details depending on your taste and budget.

Discover our collection of wedding rings for women and our selection of wedding rings for men in our Aelys stores to determine which ring to choose for your civil marriage.

Promise rings: birthstones for an individual gift

Rings with birthstones are an excellent choice if you're looking for a way to find a ring that is both meaningful and personal. Each birthstone is associated with a particular month, so you can personalize your selection by picking a stone based on the date of your partner's birth or your birth date. Each gemstone has its own meanings and virtues, as well as associated beliefs, which adds an extra dimension to your Promise ring.

Check out our blog to learn more about birthstones, as well as our guides!


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